• Immigration:  We are a nation of immigrants, and this diversity has been a source of strength since our founding.  We need to recognize the invaluable contributions that immigrants make to our country, and stop demonizing those who come here seeking refuge or a better opportunity for their families.  Congresswoman Velázquez strongly supports the Dream Act, common sense immigration reform that keeps families together and protections for all immigrants against profiling and denial of public services.
  • Education:  Our schools are the key to opportunity and a brighter future for all our children, and we need to keep them strong.  Congresswoman Velázquez supports increased federal funding for schools, a greater role for parents and an end to the attacks on teachers by politicians and right-wing think tanks.  In addition, Nydia supports greater investments in higher education because she knows that we need to make college more affordable, as well as job training for displaced workers.
  • Women’s Issues:  Congresswoman Velázquez is 100% pro-choice, and strongly believes that we need to increase funding for women’s health services, mandate equal pay for equal work and invest in improved child care and family leave policies.
  • Jobs & Economy:  While states like New York and California have already done so, we need to raise the national minimum wage to a living wage because no one working full time should live in poverty.  Congresswoman Velázquez also believes that we need to move away from job-killing trade deals like the TPP and instead demand that our trading partners begin respecting workers and the environment as part of any trade agreement.  We need to invest in our nation’s infrastructure and mass transit, which will make travel safer and easier while creating huge numbers of jobs, and we need to support our small businesses, which are the real drivers of job creation.
  • Housing: New York City faces an unprecedented challenge in affordable housing, leading to record levels of homelessness and too many families paying too great a percentage of their income in rent.  Congresswoman Velázquez believes that the federal government must increase funding for public housing and develop public-private partnerships to increase middle class housing.  In addition, Nydia has been a leading voice against predatory lending and knows that we need to take steps to prevent high rates of foreclosure from denying the dream of home ownership to too many families.